A Soldier's Story

USA Opioid Deaths in 2017 – 47,600


Involving Cocaine – 13,942

Involving Heroin – 15,482

Involving Prescription Drugs – 17,029

Current Mission
"Combating The Opioid Crisis"


Our current mission is helping to combat the Opioid crisis that is disproportionately affecting our veterans. Our vast network of veterans and others of influence enable us to collaborate in a way that brings relevant information and proactive solutions to veterans who can benefit from these resources.  It is while exploring activities that support this endeavor that we discovered a benefit that veterans have, but many are unaware of its existence.  This benefit is a new form of genetic testing “Precision Medicine” (watch video below) for many health risk including several forms of cancer.  Many Veterans have insurance that covers these test at 100%.
Many Veterans are looking for Herbal Wellness Solutions.  Veterans Benefits USA, Inc. is providing educational information on Herbs that support Pain Relief.  These products are available for purchase at our events and are also made available FREE to Veterans that can’t afford them, through private & corporate donations.

About Us

Veterans Benefits USA was created to help ensure all Veterans receive all the benefits they have earned. We do this by producing, promoting and coordinating events for federal, state, local, and non-profit agencies that provide services to veterans and their families. We have extensive experience in dealing in Veterans events, and helping Veterans find Benefits they didn’t know existed. Veterans Benefits USA produced & directed the largest Veterans Benefits Expo in U.S. history. “The Super Market of Veterans Benefits, July 9, 2005, Chicago Navy Pier”. Over 25,000 Veterans registered.
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Free Workshops

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Email: info@veteransbenefits.us