Our vision is a world where every military veteran has access to the benefits and opportunities they deserve. We aim to create a future where veterans are empowered to achieve their personal and professional goals, and where their contributions to society are recognized and celebrated. Through our work, we envision a society that values and honors the sacrifices and service of our military veterans.

Current Mission
"Combating The Opioid Crisis"


Our current mission is helping to combat the Opioid crisis that is disproportionately affecting our veterans. Our vast network of veterans and others of influence enable us to collaborate in a way that brings relevant information and proactive solutions to veterans who can benefit from these resources.  It is while exploring activities that support this endeavor that we discovered a benefit that veterans have, but many are unaware of its existence.  This benefit is a new form of genetic testing "Precision Medicine" (watch video below) for many health risk including several forms of cancer.  Many Veterans have insurance that covers these test at 100%.Many Veterans are also looking for Botanical Wellness Solutions.  VBUSA Corp is providing educational information on Botanicals that support Pain Relief.  Some  products are available for purchase and some products are provided by sponsors and donors at no charge to the participants, for pre market surveys. 

Omega XI Humanitarian Corporation

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Pre Market Surveys

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