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Welcome to the Programs page at Veterans Benefits USA, where we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our nation’s heroes through a range of targeted initiatives. Our commitment to supporting veterans goes beyond gratitude, as we actively strive to make a meaningful impact in various areas of their lives.

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Cell to Recovery Reveals The Harsh Reality of Quitting Fentanyl and Withdrawal Challenges

“Cell to Recovery” Notes: According to an abstract at PubMed Withdrawal symptoms are common during discontinuation of transdermal Fentanyl (patches).

“Cell to Recovery” Notes: Fentanyl can cause Respiratory Depression

Watch Video: An Omega XI Humanitarian Corporation Participant had been wearing Fentanyl patches for over 5 years to help stop her severe Chronic Pain. She was given an elixir (NEPE 14) which is made available for Humanitarian purposes only.  Take notice of her decreased level of pain without wearing the Fentanyl patch, and the difference in her breathing from the first portion of the video (after 12 hours) & the second part (after 6 weeks).

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